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About Me

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Hello! I'm Megan Tyschuk; IAP College certified dating coach. I'm no stranger to difficulty with dating and relationships. In a world where commitment and communication is lacking and red flags and ghosting are rising, I want nothing more than to help singles find confidence in dating. Whether you've been single your whole life, have had multiple serious relationships, divorced, widowed and more, I'm here to help!

My interest in relationships and dating coaching started at a very young age. I LOVE LOVE and want everyone to experience it! Rom-Coms are my bread and butter and have always loved watching them growing up, but watching those movies back, I have noticed an unrealistic version of how love, dating and relationships typically work. I mean, how many times have we seen a movie about a baker that moves back to her home town to start her own bakery and falls in love with the local handy man? Hallmark: I'm looking at you!

Dating apps have been a great way to meet many people quickly, but when you have so many hopeful singles at your disposal, commitment and monogamy are no longer the usual. I am here to help you gain confidence, both on dating apps and dating in the wild, put your best foot forward with dating profiles, support your dating experiences and give advice on how to make meaningful relationships.

My approach:

- Listen to your needs and acknowledge what you want in relationships and dating

- Help create a plan to make your dating profiles and dates more successful 

-Build confidence within yourself to feel ready to put yourself out there

Benefits of having a dating coach:

-I help clients improve social skills and self confidence

-Many people who seek relationship coaching to improve dating and romantic relationships report improvements in all life relationships -- work, personal and family.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you in your future relationships!

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